Friends Remembered

This page is dedicated to the four legged friends we have lost who accompanied us on our travels


Abbie (Lelaurier Summer Breeze) Gold Carriage Dog and Silver Road Dog Owned by Alison Burgess

Abbie competing with Alison and Danny in 2004.

Desmo (Harlequin of Halsway) Road Dog Bronze and Road Dog Champion 2003 - 2.10.94 - 3.8.07 Owned by Vicky Brennan

Desmo competing with Vicky riding Alice in 2003.

Dolly (Jonsu Dolly) Silver Carriage Dog and Champion 2003 A tribute by John Wilmot

John competing with Dolly in 2004.

To Dolly my Adorable Daly;
A true Carriage Dog and best friend;
You came to me when times were low;
You were covered in spots from head to toe;
No hearing tests when I got you;
I said to the boss, I will see what I can do.
I brought you home I just couldn’t let you go;
Those beautiful eyes just made my heart glow;
I started to train you by a wave of my hand;
You soon started to learn my every command;
You have made me laugh you have made me cry;
I have sat down, and you have eaten my pie;
The things you have done, I could go on for ever;
But Darling Dolly you were ever so clever.
You accompanied me with a horse and carriage;
We have taken the bride to church for a marriage;
You come with the horses thirty miles or so;
We have got back home and you were still ready to go.
You came to the sea, you swam by my side;
We would go for long walks or go for a ride;
We went to the sea to see the ships;
The next thing I knew you had pinched;
Someone’s fish and chips.
We have been on the telly;
We have been to the shows;
After twelve years of fun it was your time to go.

Harvey (Nabucco Fearless) Owned by Anne-Marie Scott Road Dog Bronze

Harvey competing in 2006 with Anne-Marie riding her own Dolly.

Harvey was our first spotty, our first show dog and first road trial dog. Sadly he was taken from us at just 3 years old due to an aggressive cancer, but in that time we loved him so. Harvey gained his good citizenship award, showed at Crufts, successfully completed the bronze road trial with impeccable behaviour, before really showing us up at the silver trial the following year with a total lack of obedience! True ‘dally deafness’ in action, but he got us stuck on the spotty breed for life.

Maya - (Washakie Madam Platinum Paws at Kalokarie) 4.2.2002 - 5.2011 Silver Road Dog Owned by Alex Cobb-McGill and family.

Maya and Alex at the Yorkshire Trials.

Maya took first place in the Bronze Road Dog class at the 2009 Yorkshire Trials and the award for Best Showdog present on the day. She went on to qualify at Road Dog Silver at the National Trials the same year.

Neo - (Rescue) 19.12.2006 - 17.10.2011 Owned by Kevan, Tracey and Laura Smith and family.


When Neo arrived as a boisterous adolescent our home became chaos. He was fiercely independent and proud, with a determination I had never before encountered in any dog. Through consistency and hard work, we soon found that Neo would grow to be a fantastic house dog. Once he understood the rules, and once we understood what made him tick he went from strength to strength. I joined up for the Dally miles program and Neo joined me on the many hundreds of miles to become a super-dally. He became affectionate and loving, happily sharing time with the family in front of the telly, howling dismally if the phone rang. We nearly lost Neo several times through his own misadventure, but it was a genetic legacy which claimed him at only 5yrs old. He developed urinary stones and became so blocked, that surgery was necessary. Due to complications and toxic shock, Neo never recovered from the operation and we lost him a week later. He is missed dreadfully on so many levels; Neo was truly a fantastic dog though he never had time to reach his full potential. We are all so glad he shared that short lifetime with us.

Kev, Tracey and Laura Smith

Shadow (Tyrodal Wild Cat At Hameldal) 06.02.04 - 10.11.07. Road Dog Bronze Owned by Jules Burton and family

Shadow competing in 2007.

We lost Shadow in a horrific drowning accident far too young. An excellent and very strong swimmer tragically got caught in some fishing wire. After what had been a lovely walk with her daughter on a cold and frosty day, the ones she always loved best! If it hadn't been for Shadow I'd have never had a Dalmatian again! She taught us what a dally should be! A complete member of the family, big sister to the kids, chief babysitter, Wonderful mum, and my loyal and most faithful companion. Shadow oozed confidence in everything she did! She knew she could do it and would look damn good doing it too, with such ease and complete confidence in her ability! - It rubbed off on everyone around her, especially me! I had complete faith in her, always! She never once let me down. After joining the society she passed her Bronze, Silver & Gold Good Citizen awards in only 20wks, after never doing any formal obedience before! She passed her Bronze Rd dog after one ride out, and was ready to compete for Silver...Though I certainly wasn't! So we competed again at Bronze level for the Nationals too, she loved to work and enjoyed every second of the carriage dog trials!!! :-) After making such an impression she was asked to join the Rossendale Dog Training Club Display team for the Safe & Sound and Good Citizen Award Displays they do. She did two displays and got herself in the local paper for both! We subsequently also had been asked to display at Crufts 2008!! Main ring on the green carpet, for 2 days! -our dream!! :-) A smile only for those closest to her heart, but a Huge "Hello!" or "Woo woo woooo!" for All her friends new and old!... As demonstrated wonderfully in her Stay exercise at the Nationals!!! Oops! She always did like to please the crowd! She made us all so proud of her every day! I can only say we are all so lucky and immensely proud that she was such a big part of our lives. She gave us eight amazing puppies, we really couldn't have asked any more from the litter, two, possibly three of which will be making their CDT debut's very soon! I only wish she could have seen them working and run out in a pair with them too. We all miss you every day. Jules, Anthony, Sebastian & Amelia

William – (Deovolante Don Jose) 29.10.03 – 25.06.10. Carriage dog in training owned by Mary Kinsey and Tony Fincham

- the best - a great bouncing bean – a crazy dog – a real character –

Some of the many ways our lovely William has been described. Filling our lives with sunshine for six-and-a-half years, he was never happier than on our long distance walks. William had been proudly collecting Dalimiles and was on his way (since just last September) to becoming a Flying Dali. Sadly God decided that William was needed elsewhere, to brighten some other corner of the world. Always remembered - our great dog... with the best wagging tail ever.
William on holiday on the Dorset coast in 2007.

Woody (Washakie Indian Magic) April 1999 - April 2012 Owned and adored by Alison Burgess Silver Carriage Dog; Bronze Road Dog; 1st Hereford Carriage Dog class

Woody working.

I had an auspicious birth; I was graced with noble genes
I am strong of body and mind, and instinct too it seems
Fortunate to be chosen from my litter peers to be
A working road and carriage dog, and have Abbie work with me.

I’ve run a few miles and learnt a few tricks of the trade
I’ll sleep for England after a trek or rest while I can in the shade
I’ll always find a smackerel of something to give me a boost
In the field it’s free from the ponies! In the kitchen- it’s unguarded roast!

My breed is used to coaching roads and the sights of village inn
So I can run for miles and still greet you with a grin
So take me out to the country - the excitement never fails
My ancestors were noble, I'll honour them on the trails.

Part of a poem by Judith Wright


Dolly Cleveland Bay x Thoroughbred 16.3hh Owned by Alison Burgess

Gayle Riggins from the US competes with her dog Emmy riding Alison Burgess' Dolly.

Bumble Arab x Welsh 12hh Driven by Jane Friend

Jane competes with Merlot in 2005 driving Bumble.


Toby at the carriage dog trials in 2015 with Josiane Kaal and Celsie.

In Memory Of Toby by Sue Johnson

Toby was the first horse I have ever owned and I had to wait until I was in my fifties for him. I had ridden all my life but following a serious riding accident my husband suggested I take up carriage driving instead. Of course it is easy to hire a riding horse but not simple to hire a carriage driving horse so I went for lessons with James Broome to see it I could cope with it. I loved it so James said I would have to buy my own horse. Sadly I don’t have access to any fields so my husband Chris dug up our garden and built me a stable and 20 meter woodchip paddock and tack room. I started searching for a horse and as soon as I saw Toby I knew he was the one as his bum was bigger than mine.

Initially he was stabled at the David Broome Event Centre so I could have regular lessons with James and make sure I was safe to drive out on the road. I passed the BDS Road Safety exam and then brought Toby home. I could see him from my kitchen window so he even made doing the washing up a pleasure. When it was time for his feed he would lift his foot to say please and he used to love having his withers rubbed.

My intention was to just do pleasure driving as it would get me out of the house but as the Forest of Dean Driving Group did a club trial at the David Broome Event Centre I started some fun competitions. It was fabulous and I was hooked. Toby could be quite cheeky when he saw the cones and put in a big buck but it wasn’t malicious, he was just excited and he never kicked back. From there we moved on to two day events with the Midlands Group and then joined the Carriage Driving Sports Group for disabled drivers.

We had a go at anything. Driving in the Forest of Dean up steep banks and down uneven slopes was nothing for Toby. His strong build enabled him to take on all challenges be it driving down the A48 with HGV’s and tractors passing us at speed without a second glance or showing at local level and at Windsor in front of Her Majesty The Queen. TREC, Carriage Dog Driving Trials, The London Harness Horse Parade with Lemmy the wonderful carriage dog trotting on behind, fancy dress you name it, we did it. He even liked to jump streams when he was in the carriage which was a great way to find out if your back stepper had three points of contact!

His finest hour was when he represented Great Britain at the World Para Driving Trials at Sandringham in 2014. Many people will remember that moment when he drove the difficult cones route and was the only one in his grading to finish with a double clear with point eight of a second to spare!!!

In the last year, as Toby was no spring chicken at 19, we decided to take it easy and just have fun with no pressure to win anything. We had some fantastic weekends driving with the Hereford group which covered long distances but not in convoy so Toby could really enjoy himself without feeling the need to race. He would just trot on enjoying the scenery with the wind blowing through his amazing feathers and not a care in the world.

Toby became my reason for getting out of bed every morning when my disability (Multiple Sclerosis) was painful and all I wanted to do was give up. He was my hero and if I fell over in the paddock he would just walk over and stand by me so I could pull myself up his legs. He was a special boy who enjoyed what he did and always tried hard.

He will never be forgotten.