Stable Dog

Stable Dog is a test of your Dalmatian's obedience and abilities on the ground in a stable environment. It is designed for anyone interested in the trials. We hope especially that it gives people who can't compete, for whatever reason, a fun way to demonstrate their Dalmatian's capabilities. Dogs will be given a set amount of time to complete as many exercises as possible to earn as many points as possible. You can choose any of the exercises, but no exercise may be performed more than three times. All Stable Dog participants will receive a BCDS token of their achievement. We hope to run the Stable Dog test at each Carriage Dog trials and at other events around the country. Look out for the Stable Dog gazebo and backdrop. Some pictures of Stable Dog being run at the 2008 Trials may be found here

Stable Dog3 web.jpg
Exercise Points
Compulsory MANNERS Enter stable handler first dog on lead 50
Time starts STABLE MANAGER'S LUNCH left on plate - if eaten during test MINUS 50!
  SIT in stable on lead one command and count of five 10
  DOWN in stable off lead one command count 10 20
  SIT at the bucket; DOWN at the blanket; STAND at the brush 50
  STAND off lead handler out of stable count 10 40
  DISTRACTION SIT on lead while rat runs infont of stable 50
  DISTRACTION STAY handler out of stable dog loose, rat runs! 100
  RETRIEVE handler throws own item into stable 50
  SCENT find owners property amongst stable objects 100
  WARNING BARK dog to bark on command 50
  INITIATIVE EXERCISE free choice- impress the judges UP TO 50
  FINISH EXERCISE leave stable together send dog back to blanket 100